Well hello, PedalPinters!! What’s it been, two years? Sorry for such a long leave from my duties as your glorious leader; but, well, it started with the addition of that puppy I told you about. Keeping an eye on him, and keeping him from waking the house with barking was just a killer to sitting down and writing anything!

Life has returned sufficiently to normal now (yeah, challenging dog) and I’m so excited to share stuff with you!

I trust you have been PedalPinting along nicely. Have I? You bet your sweet bippy.


One of my bikes at Urban Artifact. The place has since gotten more fully furnished so parking inside is not usually what I do these days. Awesome that I discovered their neat homemade bike rack out in the courtyard area!


Another obstacle to my joining you online has been that I lost many of the pictures I had taken for my piece regarding observations about Cincinnati from the viewpoint of an outsider. I recently found a decent amount of pics and look forward to putting together that work – not just as a one-year resident, but now as a three year resident! Lucky you!