I’m a guy who lives in the Seattle area (no: now I live in Cincinnati!) and enjoys local craft beer and bicycling. My beer-by-bike adventures have been a great pastime involving a lot of planning, exercise and discovery  – both of the local craft beer scene and of navigation of Seattle and Cincinnati.

I don’t have an expensive bike or gear, or much money. Just a lot of enthusiasm. By the way, I designed and created my own logo – a favorite skill of mine.

I want to share my adventures mostly to provide people proven routes to fun experiences supporting local beer.

Feedback is always welcome.


– Tad


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  1. Carol Heigh
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 16:54:15

    was biking the Green River Trail yesterday. Do you know how many miles it is from South Center to GeorgeTown on the bike trail?


    • twopedalsacouplepints
      Jul 01, 2013 @ 21:31:36

      Hi Carol,

      To my knowledge, the Green River Trail does not take you all the way to Georgetown. As described in that post, you get out onto Airport Way to get there. Take a look at the post for details. I believe the trip from South Center all the way back to downtown is about 13-14 miles, so to Georgetown would be, oh, maybe about 10 miles? I do plan to make a map of that route and add it to that post. It’s a pretty cool adventure!



  2. primalheathen
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 15:14:43

    Hey! How is Cincy treating you?

    Not sure if we have run across each other yet. With the weather improving that might just happen. Heading out to Rhinegeist (http://rhinegeist.com/) tonight for the Goldsprint event. Riding to see people ride and drink beer.


    • twopedalsacouplepints
      Feb 24, 2014 @ 23:39:31

      Hey man! Thanks for asking.

      Yeah, I don’t know if our paths have crossed. Until reading your recent post on bike polo I don’t think I had seen a picture of you. I saw the pic of you with your new bike frame. Congrats on that!

      Cincy is treating me ok, I guess. I’m still beer-by-bike adventuring, though due to an arm injury that required surgery, I am off the bike for maybe a couple more weeks or so. Can’t risk re-injuring and requiring another surgery.

      So the Goldsprint thing is bikes on trainers in the brewery? I heard about this a few weeks ago. So how did you like watching the spinners?

      I’ve also recently heard about a new road improvement plan that was passed for Newport. Rte 9 is it? It’s slated to include pedestrian and bike facilities! You’re in KY, right?


  3. primalheathen (aka Torc)
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 00:01:16

    Certainly need to relax that arm. Not good to be down too long from your bike!

    I’m certainly one you can’t forget once you meet me. Not many with head tats that make you stand out.

    Thank you! I am a few days away from it being ready to be the best looking bike on the polo court. I took up the sport not long after my post and it was cheap, til taxes came in and I wanted a better bike. So now I am invested so I have to play more. If you get bored, come out on Thursdays around 1-2pm.

    I moved to Amelia back in December and glad I did. Since then I have made a good name for myself in the community, was inducted into Mosh and Brew, joined MoBo board and volunteer and have put in more miles than I can count on Cincy’s urban sprawl.

    I do travel a lot in Newport, tho I have not heard of that. Do you have any links for it?

    Goldsprints was interesting. Alot of yuppies and hipsters and maybe 10-15 dedicated riders (the ones with bikes locked up outside, in the stairwell and in the bar itself.) I took a turn at it as well. Certainly nothing like actual riding and I got dusted, so to speak. Most of the guys I knew were there for beer and socializing with a few sprints in between. Been there, seen it, might go back…..for the Foosball.


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