Pedalpinters, I’m typing to you as a hunter-pecker tonight. See, I’ve got an arm in a splint. No, thankfully, I didn’t get hurt riding a bike.

As always, I’ve got numerous stories, routes and ideas to share with you. It’s going to have to wait until I can properly type, which should only be a few more days.

The next thing I will likely share with you is a little adventure on which I embarked just yesterday – on my thankfully very capable feet! Capable they need to be in order to ambulate on the sidewalks around here if snow has recently fallen. (The concept of clearing sidewalks here: not real popular among the city, the residents and businesses – just one of the ways non-motorized travelers in the Cincinnati region are underserved at best.)

This adventure, however, was a major victory for me in that I discovered a pretty direct connection between Pleasant Ridge and Oakley! This will resonate with Cincinnati dwellers. Pleasant Ridge offers me almost nothing of value besides lower housing cost, while Oakley offers much more – including the establishment which I visited for a couple pints.

Type to you soon!