Well it seems I wrote before I fully planned. Once I sat down (at after midnight the night before the adventure) and fully explored the route from downtown Seattle to Lazy Boy Brewing, I discovered several significant gaps in the trail. These would take me out on busy roads and leave this navigationally challenged rider getting semi-lost a few times I’m sure. So since I was only marginally excited to check out Lazy Boy, I opted for a different plan (which wasn’t decided upon until half way through the ferry ride over to the city).

My plan instead became to make a trek over to Big Al Brewing in White Center, and to also hit Super Deli Mart over in West Seattle.



What? You say. You’re sharing with us your trip to a quickie mart? Oh no, not just any quickie mart. It’s the other one in town that pours craft beer!

Big Al and Super Deli Mart are two places I’ve enjoyed in the past and have wanted to share with you.

It was a good time and I came away with a new appreciation for Big Al Brewing, and an even bigger appreciation of the route there.

Look for this adventure soon, complete with map and pics!