I’m almost never over in Seattle in an automobile, thank God. When I am, I like to take advantage of the exorbitant fee I am paying to drive over on the ferry. Soon I have to give someone a ride to the airport and have stylings on a hybrid adventure that I eyed last November, but bailed on due to weather and the uncertain, untested nature of my directions.

Instead, on that occasion after making an early morning trip to the airport I opted for my Boundary Bay trip where my feet don’t touch the ground from the airport to Bellingham. Well, except for at that rest stop several miles outside of Bellingham where I take a nap. Even though that adventure is by car, it’s still grand. Nothing like waking up after my nap, stretching my legs, maybe doing some exercises in the wooded area in the middle of the rest stop, then motoring on up to Boundary Bay just before opening time, securing a parking spot right in front of place. It’s like: I’ve got the whole day in front of me, and one of my brewery meccas all to myself. (Actually, I’ve never had it to myself. Seems a few regulars are always sitting in there before opening time).

When in Bellingham, I used to hit Chuckanut Brewery, but since there is a new brewery in town now, I skip Chuckanut. I don’t really like their beers. Now there is Kulshan Brewing nearby, which is pretty good. These days, I understand there is a new place called Elizabeth Station – a bottle shop that has beers on tap. I would definitely like to check them out.

Of course the challenge here is to really limit one’s self, as there are places to stop on the way home as well. These places have included Diamond Knot, Skagit River Brewing (not recommended at all), and North Sound Brewing (recommended). I have had success in getting the beertenders at Boundary Bay to let me do tasters only, which is actually immensely enjoyable.

This time, my decision will be way easier on the way from the airport, however, as the bridge near Mt. Vernon is out. Enter my epic hybrid adventure, the directions for which have been living in a drawer for months.

Relying solely on Google Maps, I have planned a bicycle ride from Issaquah to Snoqualmie. I’ve never been to Issaquah, but I plan to visit their Rogue Ale House. From there there are supposedly separated trails much of the 14 mile or so trip to Snoqualmie, where I get to visit Snoqualmie Falls Brewing. I have been there before. I suppose this doesn’t sound too epic. It’s just that I’ve never confirmed that these trails exist, (except via Google Street View which is pretty good evidence), and it seems too good to be true. What’s more, at a certain point the map shows one of the trails dead-ending tantalizingly close to where it could make a connection to a residential street that would connect to another trail that would take me basically all the way to my destination. So I will have to go down that trail and see if it goes through. If not, I’ll have to turn back and instead get out on some country roads with no shoulders, where I expect trucks hauling boats, and travel a few miles to where I can pick up a trail.

So if I go missing, send the search party to look between Issaquah and Snoqualmie.

Look for an account of the adventure complete with map and photos right here!

Cheers, and keep spinning those spokes!