I’m a fairly strong guy. Not overly big, but made of tough stuff I think. Yet opening growlers is hard! Those standard metal caps just provide very little traction. The joyous occasion of opening a growler most often carries with it straining and the low-level irritation of skin sliding across slightly bumpy, painted metal. Squeeze turn. Squeeze turn. Put more shoulder  into it and squeeze turn. Now throw in some hip and back. SQUEEEEEZE! TURNNNN! REPEAT! Phhizz. Exhale.

One recent night as I set my growler on the counter and prepared for the little fight, I looked up. There it was. In my open cupboard lay a rubber band – the type that holds together bundles of broccoli in the store. It clicked. I tried it. Eureka! Exceedingly pleasing, effortless growler opening!

Look at me. I'm crafty. Maybe I'll change the theme of this blog. Nah, I'll post another adventure soon!

Look at me. I’m crafty. Maybe I’ll change the theme of this blog. Nah, I’ll post another beer-by-bike adventure soon!

Another benefit of this discovery is that I can feel free to make sure the caps are on nice and tightly when I replace them. As it is, I normally make a growler last between one and three weeks (that’s right). I store them on their side in the fridge, which, theoretically, lets less gas escape. Yes, the beer loses fizz and tastes gradually less wonderful as the days go by but I like to make them last. I don’t have the opportunity to visit breweries as often as I’d like, so I stretch out the enjoyment of these reminder-vessels. It works for me. Do what works for you.

This was just too neat to not share. An extremely simple, cost free solution to an annoying problem. No thought required. It literally appeared before my eyes!