Loyal readers,

I thought I would mention a couple things regarding Twopedalsacouplepints.

Point 1: You have noticed that I chose to document beer adventures such that an entire adventure is chronicled in a single blog post. This way the riding directions and experience of getting there and back can be presented intact. A single blog post has descriptions (dare I call them reviews?) of multiple breweries or beer spots.

Since I have precious little time to sit down and write this stuff, I present the post to you in chunks, but all under the same title. This also makes it more convenient for you, the reader, who I’m sure is not long on free time either. A single post takes several writing sessions and as much as a month to write.

The “Updated …” part of the title shows the date on which I most recently updated the post.

I occurred to me that I ought to make it easier by adding a line in bold print that indicates where, in the body of text, a certain date’s update begins. The update is simply a continuance of the story.

Point 2: I need to remember to take more pictures on my adventures. Also know that many of my pics were lost with the destruction of my last phone (see “A Creative Way to Kill a Blackberry Phone”). I will have to slowly replace those lost pics.

Point 3: One day I will have the time to do something I know would add a lot to my blog: Include maps of my routes. When I finally get this going, I will retrofit all my past posts with maps as well.

Thanks for joining me on my adventures, and keep that feedback coming!