Just carry your phone in your bike pannier (saddlebag) along with a full growler of beer.

It helps if you have put thousands of miles in with these saddle bags, on many occasions having had them carry somewhere around 25 – 30 pounds per bag.

A final tip: Don’t do a lot of checking on their fitness or road worthiness.

Ride across a busy roadway, aiming to get all the way across and enter the bike lane on the far side. About in the middle of the street, you may feel a bump and hear the subsequent smack and skid of the saddlebag hitting the pavement.

Safely get yourself across the roadway and out of traffic’s path, then stand there urgently pointing at your bag as cars approach.

If you’re lucky, you get a highly skilled and attentive driver like I got who was unaffected by my pointing arm wrapped in bright yellow cloth with reflective strips, or by the bright yellow item directly in his path.

And bingo! Goodbye phone, along with many not yet downloaded photos, and all of my contacts (including my virtual directory of seattle area breweries, pubs, good restaurants and other key spots).

Oh, and goodbye to 1/2 gallon of Schooner Exact IPA, and one of my two Scuttlebutt Brewing growlers.

The saddlebag, amazingly, still works but doesn’t fit as well and has gained a few rips.

Have fun! Let me know your results.

– Tad