Living on Bainbridge Island and loving local craft beer means trekking around Seattle (a ferry ride away) or heading over to the Kitsap Peninsula. Loving cycling (more accurately, hating driving) means going by bicycle!

I invite you to join me for an exploration of something we here in the PNW are privileged to call ours: Quality, unique microbreweries and nanobreweries. If you enjoy good beer and supporting local, this feature is for you. If you enjoy getting places by bicycle, then, my brothers and sisters, this is really for you. I would like to share with you a pastime I have come to enjoy since moving to the island some 4 1/2 years ago. Seeking out, by bicycle, local beers to taste and enjoy.

It really started for me when I took a trip to Portland. Almost in passing, my wife suggested I bring my bicycle. She said Portland is pretty bike friendly and has a lot of nice microbreweries. I had long been a lover of cycling and had in the past several years grown to more and more love getting around by bike rather than being tied to driving a car. After some great adventures on that trip, I came home to Bainbridge envying Beervana, aka Bikevana. So I thought I’d see what Seattle had to offer. Turns out that according to the map I saw in Northwest Brewing News, Seattle has more microbreweries than Portland does.

In my blog I will talk each time about a visit to a brewery or establishment that pours local micros. I will also discuss the experience of getting to these places by bicycle – to me, the only way to ride the ferry and navigate Seattle’s busy streets.

I am not a beer expert. I know there are many of you who can speak more knowledgeably about beer. I am just a guy who loves local beer and rolling around on one of my cheap bikes. It is my intention not only to share with you something I find really fun, but also to encourage those of you who may be inclined to get out there, preferably on a bike, and support local microbreweries. Almost everyone I have spoken to on my outings (especially in Seattle, but also in Kitsap) is surprised that I came all the way from Bainbridge. I suppose it would be a crazy thing for someone to do if they didn’t find it fun. For me it is as much, perhaps more, about the adventure, the exercise and the variety as it is about enjoying the beer. I welcome feedback – both on beer and on my chosen bike routes. I would love to hear about your experiences!

Let’s get started right after a disclaimer: I don’t advocate taking to the streets after enjoying too many beers. Okay?

Follow me on my adventures!